My Bamboo Hut Fundraiser

Helping people out, because we can.

Update: Wow! Thanks to you, we exceeded our goal for my bamboo hut fundraiser!! Your generosity and kind words mean so much. High fives all round :) xox

About me

Misch Hi! I’m Garmisch (or Misch) and I’m volunteering in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, a small province in the Philippines. I work in a bamboo hut, surrounded by farmland. Every day I work, eat and chat with a group of selfless people with such big hearts.

About my bamboo hut fundraiser

Every six months, they go through a work contract renewal process, and for the first two months of this cycle, they don’t get a single peso (Philippines currency). So, for a quarter of the year, they can’t buy milk for the babies, there is hardly any rice on the table and the vibe in the bamboo hut becomes dispirited.

I head back to Australia in June, when they’re all up for renewal again. I’ve seen first hand how much they’ve struggled, and with your help, I want to put together goodie bags (rice, canned goods, powdered milk, coffee etc) for my 31 workmates and their families that will help a little to get through these tougher months.

I’d like to raise around $1750AUD and I need your help. Together, we can give out a helping hand. Because we can.

About my workmates

I have 31 workmates who get paid 150PHP a day which is about $3.30AUD. Break it down to cost of living, that’s around 34PHP for transport, 30PHP for lunch, 10PHP for snacks plus there’s costs for their children, their bills and the list goes on.

They are beautiful people inside and out. They have big hearts and lovely smiles. This is just a small token we can do together. This is just something we can do, to help those in need.

About being here

I moved to the Philippines in November 2011 for an eight month volunteering role. I’m a Filipina, born in Manila and grew up in Canberra. I came here because this is where my dad grew up and I just had to know more! I have since met such inspiring people and I just want to do a little something to help them get through a few tough months.

After just two weeks of living in Talisay, I met the most selfless and genuine people ever. They were shy and quiet but would offer me their lunch, snacks and their fresh harvest (I work on an organic farm). For the next six weeks, they would exchange nods, a smile and a timid hello.

When they discovered I understood Tagalog, they started to warm up to me. Then there was the Christmas party and they were no longer too scared to talk to me. So now, I know their names, their families, their hardships and their stories. All of this in between eating, coffee and more eating.

They’ve taught me a lot, not only snippets of the local dialect, about organic composting (work) but also and indirectly, they’ve shown me how to live in the present. No matter how hard things are, they still genuinely smile at the positives in their lives. When I get to work each morning, a chorus of “hello Misch!” echoes in the bamboo hut. They have welcomed me as one of the family and they continue to inspire me everyday.

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